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Economics Review

Word Bank
economics, demand, consumers, goods, needs, budget, currency, labor, capital, entrepreneurs, market, government, agriculture, bartering, mixed, scarcity

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3._____ is a medium of exchange
5.Anything used to make something else
7.____ are things of value that cannot be seen or touched
10.____ are those who buy or use goods and services
12.a place where goods and services are bought and sold
14.Those that create a business are called _______.
15._____ is a spending plan.
16.____ are resources of necessity
1._____ are supply of work or workers
2.____ economy is a combination of a command and market economy
4.______ is the study of how society, using limited resources, goes about producing, distributing, and consuming goods and services in order to satisfy the unlimited wants of its members.
6.Major occupation of a traditional economy
8.Not enough to go around
9.Command economies are usually controlled by a ___.
11.Process of trading goods for other goods
13.Needs and wants are best defined as ____.

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