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Vocabulary Terms

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1.a number by which a variable is multiplied
3.two numbers written in a certain order. Most often this term will be referred to the x and y coordinates of a point on the coordinate plane.
6.a line representing points on a coordinate plane that lie on a straight line; the rate of change is constant
7.no breaks in their domain or range or if the graph has no breaks, holes or gaps
9.a relationship between two variables x and y that can be written in the form y=kx, where k is any constant other than o
12.a special kind of relation in which each input value is paired with exactly one output value
13.a number that represents the product of number multiplied by itself
15.a set of one or more ordered pairs
16.the set of all input values
17.a collection of objects, like points, or a type of number, like the real numbers. ( symbol: {})
18.a number that cannot be written as the ratio of two integers
2.a decimal that has a finite or limited number of digits following the decimal point.
4.to substitute a given value or values for a variable and simplfiy
5.a finite number of values possible or if there is a space on the number line or graph between each 2 possible values
8.the set of all output values
10.the number that when used as a factor three times gives a product of n.
11.any number that can be written as the ratio of two integers where the divisor is not zero
14.the ratio of vertical change to horizontal change or change in y divided by change in x

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