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Ahn cross


Word Bank
budget, cash, expense, financial health, good, good, good, income, need, need, need, resource, sensible, service, service, service, want, want, want

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1.a good or service a person would like to have but doesn't need
4.the money spent on goods and services
8.doctor is ___________ and need
9.money earned by working or received from another source, such as a gift
10.money in the form of bills and coin
13.a plan for using money wisely
15.what people can use to do something or get something
17.food is __________for live
18.X-box is __________
2.water is ________ for live
3.the condition of a person's finances, usually indicates wise versus unwise financial decisions
5.phone is __________
6.table is a__________
7.a reasonable and logical decision
8.call center is ___________center
11.an item that people make
12.a type of work that people do for others
14.box is a__________
16.a good or service that a person must have to live

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