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Chapter 8 vocabulary


2                               3
4       5                         6
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17                                     18

2.state law making it illegal to force workers to join a union as a conidition of employment (2 Words)
4.workers in jobs that require enough mechanical skills to operate machines for which they need a minimum amount of training (2 Words)
8.temporary takeover of operations
9.the wage rate that leaves neither a surplus nor a shortage in the labor market (3 Words)
12.unions that do not belong to the AFL-CIO or the change to win coalition (2 Words)
13.employers are willing to pay more to people with certificates, degrees, and other indicators that "signal" superior knowledge or ability (2 Words)
15.the process of bringing ion a neutral third person or persons to help settle a dispute.
17.this type of negotiation, booth sides must agree to any final decision the arbitrator makes (2 Words)
19.a system that keeps high wages for current workers but has a lower wage for newly hired workers (3 Words)
20.a wage, fringe benefit or wok rule given up when a labor contract is renegotiated
21.a year that serves as a comparison for all other years (2 Words)
22.consist of workers in jobs that do not require people with special training and skills (2 Words)
23.a court order not to act
24.process in which both sides agree to place their differences before a third party whose decision will be accepted as finla
25.an agreement the does not require a worker to join a union as a condition to get or keep a job (2 Words)
1.negotiations that take place between labor and management over issues such a pay, working hours, health care coverage and other job related matters (2 Words)
3.a mass refusal to buy products from targeted employeers
5.refuse to work
6.where workers do not have to belong to the union to be hired (2 Words)
7.men and women 16 years old and over who are either working or actively looking for a job (3 Words)
10.agreement between union and management to have a neutral third party collect facts about a dispute and present nonbinding recommendations
11.consist of workers who operate complex equipment and preform most of their tasks with little supervision (2 Words)
14.dollars that are adjusted in a way that removes the distortion of inflation (2 Words)
16.association of all workers in the same industry (2 Words)
18.unions organized, supported, or run by employers (2 Words)

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