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Grade 5 Crossword puzzle

M de Necker

1 2 3 4
5                   6 7   8  
9               10          
12                   13
14     15        
17             18            
      19   20
      21             22
25         26          

5.A reply of denial
9.Indian appitizer
10.Compact group of mountains
11.Traditional stories and beliefs
12.a test such as science
15.Outlet for dirty water
17.Famous conductor
18.Not able to found
21.Earth, Neptune etc.
23.A hostile group of people
25.Be of the same mind
26.Abonden by leaving out in the open air
1.be of different opinions
3.Settled way of thinking
4.Mind doctor
7.Deliver a quick blow
8.hearing organs
12.A rubber band
13.Take the blame for
14.covered by something, such as a blanket or paper
16.Error remover
18.The part of the day before noon
19.A shape, like a ball
20.Large property
22.Show unwillingness
24.The front of something, like a head

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