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Financial Literacy Allowance - Deposit


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5.In talking about savings, your balance is what is left in your savings account after you deposit or withdraw money
6.a small booklet comes with your checkbook and gives you record sheets that so you can keep track of all the deposits, ATM withdrawals, and checks you write. If you keep it up-to-date, you always know how much money you have in your checking account
7.an IOU issued by a corporation or government that confirms you are lending the corporation or government money
11.this plastic card looks like a credit card, but it is used to withdraw money from a savings or checking account
17.a record of your borrowing and paying habits. Credit reporting companies track your history and supply this information to credit card companies, banks, and other lenders
19.a type of investment that requires you to invest money for a certain length of time and guarantees the same rate of return (interest) for that entire time. They usually require a minimum deposit
20.to borrow money (from a store, service provider, or credit card company) to make a purchase. If you do not pay the debt off in full within the card issuer's grace period (usually 25-28 days), you will pay interest on the amount you owe
21.helps you pay for damage you cause as a result of an accident to people or property, medical expenses you may have and the cost of fixing your car
22.a state of being in so much debt that you are legally declared unable to pay in full the people and companies you owe. In some states when this happens, you must sell off all your possessions and pay off your debts as best you can
24.to grow in value. Usually a term used in relation to investments: stocks, collectibles, etc., which are now worth more than you paid for them
25.a plan you create for controlling spending and encouraging saving
1.the rate of interest (in terms of a percent, such as 8.75%) being charged for a loan over a year's time. Includes interest, transaction fees, and service fees
2.any item of value that you own: house, land, gems, stocks, bonds, money in savings, etc
3.to put money into a bank or investment account
4.a company that charges a fee to buy or sell investments for you
5.this plastic card looks like a credit card, but it is used to withdraw money from a savings or checking account.
6.raw materials – such as oil, wheat, soybeans, pork, or gold – you buy. In buying commodities you are hoping that the price will rise, so that you can sell the commodity for a profit
8.a name given to the stocks of major corporations, like IBM and General Motors. The name is derived from the most highly valued poker chip, the blue chip
9.an amount of money parents give kids to help them learn to manage money. The amount is usually given weekly
10.objects such as art, jewelry, baseball cards, and antiques that people buy in the hope that the objects' value will increase
12.this is a score or grade that credit companies assign to you based on how you handle your money and pay your bills
13.interest on an investment, like a savings account, that is calculated not only on the money you originally invested, but also on any interest the investment has already earned
14.a loan that enables people to buy something now and to pay for it in the future
15.property used to assure the payment of a loan. In other words, if the borrower does not pay back the loan, the borrower must give up this property or money
16.the highest amount you may charge on a credit card. Your limit is set by your card company's opinion of your ability to handle debt
17.the most common form of organizing a business — the organization's total worth is divided into shares of stock, and each share represents a unit of ownership and is sold to stock holders
18.a licensed professional who advises people about investments; also helps people buy and sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. They earn a fee for this help, called a commission, usually a percentage of the transaction
20.this is a very detailed list of what an insurance policy will pay for and how much
23.money or goods you owe
24.these letters stand for Automatic Teller Machine

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