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Mr. Rubio

This puzzle is for a test grade and has all of the vocabulary needed for this six weeks.

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3 4   5 6 7  
            10   11        
18       19  

8.Asks how should goods and services be produced? (3 Words)
11.Factor of production that involves people working to carry out tasks and make products
12.Type of business with one owner who makes all decisions and keeps all profits (2 Words)
14.Rate of positive change in percentage of GDP that advances a country as it increases in productivity
16.Country with Capitalist economy and one of highest personal incomes in the world (2 Words)
17.Economic system in which the government makes decisions about what to make and how much of it
21.Examples affecting the circular model include taxing people, purchasing products, and buying factors of production (2 Words)
22.Two factors that set the equilibrium price during pure competition (3 Words)
23.Economic condition that results from a limited amount of resources against people's unlimited desires
1.Business structure in which two people make all decisions and must share liability and profits
2.Economic condition in which many firms are selling different products to compete against each other, such as cereal or shoes (2 Words)
3.Input that can be improved to increase the supply of goods while decreasing production costs
4.Resources including land, labor, and capital used to create goods (3 Words)
5.Defined as effort needed to get more consumers to buy products through lowering prices
6.Business organization type that can sell stocks and bonds to the public to make most money
7.Economic theorist who believed that the government should tax and spend to grow the economy
9.Type of economy that can also be called Capitalist and Free Enterprise (2 Words)
10.Term used to describe U.S. Economic System where government protects consumers but also provides some services (2 Words)
13.Type of economy with highest level of freedom for people to make decisions
15.Rule that allows government to take over private property to use for the public (2 Words)
18.Reward offered for participation in a certain economic goal or task
19.Point on production possibilities curve in which the highest quantity of two goods can be produced
20.Type of economy usually used by a dictator with the highest degree of government control

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