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Economics Easter Quiz

1 2 3 4
5                       6            
      7 8                
  10                 11  
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  20   21                  
22     23        

5.Opening up of a market to competition
6.Making false tax returns or no tax returns at all.
8.Who pays rhe tax
10.Adam Smith's word for characteristic
13.Day to Day
16.The total amount of money borrowed by the government and not repaid.
18.The government takes over a private company
21.Taking a higher percentage of income from the lower income earners than from the higher.
25.Increase the number of people who pay tax and the number of taxes being charged
26.Robin Hood!
27.Paying the interest due on the national debt
28.They manage the national debt.
1.These have a first charge on the nation's finances
2.The actual taxation revenue collected during the year is greater than what has been planned.
3.The aim of the members of the EU to move all tax to the same rate
4.Actions taken by the ECB that influence the money supply, interest rates and the availability of credit.
7.The government receiving an EU grants is an example of what type of government income.
8.Placing on of the tax
9.Taking a higher percentage of income from the higher income earners than from the lower.
11.Employment situation when anyone who wants to work can find work at existing wage rates.
12.An increase in the real GNP of an economy in a year
14.The sale of state run companies to the private sector.
15.To make sure all regions develop .
17.Payments for which no factor of production was supplied
19.Altering the timing, structure and magnitude of government current income or spending
20.Based on ability to pay.
22.A tax on income
23.Arranging one's tax affairs within the law so as to minimise tax liability
24.It should not cost more to collect the tax than will be collected from the tax

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