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Beer Styles

Doug Thornton

See if you can figure out the style clues. Remember some words are in German, and maybe Flemish and French, too.

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1.monks' liquid bread
5.French farmhouse (three words)
6.bright German lager (two words)
8.still, sour, spontaneously fermented
10.made with the softest waters (two words)
12.Hobgoblin or Left Hand Sawtooth, for example (acronym)
13.easy to brew, popular, dark American style ale
15.filtered wheat
18.the beer from Dusseldorf
20.sour ale with a burgundy hue (two words)
22.preserved for long voyages (three words)
23.the darker abbey
24.the czarina's favorite (three words)
26.malty strong Scotch ale (two words)
28."goat" beer made with wheat
29.English beer that hardly tastes that way
31.Flanders brown ale (two words)
33.traditional style from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania... (two words)
34.German rye
35.brown, but not big
38.dark German lager (two words)
39.unfiltered wheat
41.Belgian wheat
42.Smithwick's or Kilkenny, for example (three words)
44.once called "entire butt"
46.the beer from Cologne
49.what milk stout is sometimes called
50.all malt ale, but very light in color
51.first lager style created after isolation of lager yeast (in Austria)
2.name used because "steam" is trademarked (two words)
3.it needs woodruff syrup (two words)
4.quadrupel (four words)
7.almost all American craft brewers make one
9.big, hoppy, you either love them or hate them (two words)
11.Dortmunder lager or Scottish 80 shilling
14.Marzen served at the end of summer
16.wide-ranging popular American ale, hoppier on the west coast
17.made correctly, this beer will exhibit "stale" characteristics
19.high ABV, American versions are hoppier than English
21.dark German wheat
23.light-bodied stout usually associated with the Irish
25.black lager
27.another name for tropical stouts (two words)
30.smoked German
31.added to stouts to create an oily mouthfeel
32.Warsteiner or Bitburger, for example (two words)
36.a mix of 1, 2, and 3 year old sour ales
37.spring time "goat" beer
40.spicy and dry
43.frozen for strength
45.the lighter abbey
47.popular American lager style or Scottish 60 shilling
48.ale that tastes like lager but easier to make

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