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Brave New World

By: Heather, Steph, Becca and Kelsey

Environmentalism- Many people believe the world is on a crash course to environmental disaster. Do you believe this to be true and how does this tie in with the Brave New World? Hint: use your book for the answers!

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3.The Controller believes......... means instability
5.even when people of the Brave New World are dead they are used to make
7.Bernard is being sent to
9.The Resident World Controller for Western Europe's name
12.a place in our world that is becoming like the Brave New World
13.Lenina takes ....... to make herself feel better at the reservation
14.the indians were .............. as clothes
16.in the Brave New World the main form of transportation is
17.a love of nature keeps no.......... busy
18.When Linda returns to the Brave New World she is
19.John believes that ................made him "ill"
20.Ending is better than
21.children are conditioned in the hatcheries to hate
1.The Controller believes that universal......... "keeps the wheels steadily turning"
2.savage reservation is surrounded by
4.women at the reservation ........ Linda
6.Linda's two front ......... are missing
8.Linda used to call the director
10.Lenina takes John to the
11.The Controller was faced with the choice of being sent to an........ before being a controller
15.John wished he could have been .......... at the reservation

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