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GED Spelling List #7

Dr. Reimer

Thisis number sevenin the list of 26 such puzzles

1     2 3
4   5   6
7             8                
11 12   13         14    
17 18             19  
20   21              
22         23            

1.a tube that carries blood from the body to the heart
7.paper given in return for money paid
8.one room apartment that includes a kitchen
9.chief executive of one of the states
12.rules and methodology of the pursuit of knowledge
21.the way something usually happens
23.to never waiver in decdication
24.contraction of it is
25.having or pertaining to a person or thing
2.when something is not any of the choices you have
3.to find somethingof the same description
4.to have a great deal of mass
5.the fourth day of the week
6.The act of lying to or fooling someone
10.something in a manner you will allow
11.reaction to something humorous
13.to make greater
14.to become weary or tired
18.commander of a company in the Army
19.the reason behind something
20.the norm

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