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Manufacturing of Cotton

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6.Interlacing yarns.
7.The Australian Dyeing company was the first company in Australia to introduce the _____ process, which greatly reduces water, salt, and electricity consumption.
8.vegetables and mineral ink are _____ dyes used for organic cotton
10.What is the chemical used in the weaving process to make the yarn weave easily. HINT: PVA
11.INNOVA's _____ bleaching process is more environmentally friendly and faster than conventional methods
14.The _____ process basically transforms cotton into the soft fiber that consumers love.
15.Organic cotton is hypo-allergenic and good for _____ skin.
1.What is highly toxic chlorine used for?
2.This machine can be used to harvest cotton.
3.Although lubricants are removed from the fiber, these hard-to-biodegrade organic substances such as _____ are left in the air and water.
4._____ for conventional cotton uses toxic chemicals and pollutes waterways.
5.The Australian Dyeing Company's new method only requires a _______ machine to dye the fabric, and a trickle washing station.
9.This process removes oils from the fabric prior to dyeing.
12.This weave gives cotton more luster.
13.INNOVA's manufacturing process reduces _____ consumption by 66-75%.

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