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Ms. Merton - Hour 3 - Language Arts

You may use a dictionary to help you figure out the vocab words to fill into this crossword puzzle.

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38                   39        

3.A - containing or expressing accusation. "I think Ms. Merton knows I didn't cheat, but she still sounded ___________ when she confronted me about it."
4.V - to endanger or pose a threat to something. "I really want to skip class but I don't want to ____________ my chances of getting an A this quarter."
6.V - to increasingly grow bigger. "With my new savings account I can __________ a lot of interest."
7.V - to decorate or fancify. "I just _____________ these diamond studs onto my new jersey."
9.A - creepy, deathly, ghostly. "The mortuary is a very ___________ place to work."
11.V - to set straight or correct something. "How do you plan to __________ the situation after vandalizing all his property?"
15.A - inactive, asleep, suspended. "Some house pets are more ___________ than others and sleep all day."
17.N - the general location where something is. "What were your ______________ on the night of the murder?'
18.A - an inflexible or unshakable opinion or feeling about something. "I'm very ______________ about
20.V - to confuse, mix-up, or puzzle. "The way the human body works simply _____________ me."
21.A - impossible to satisfy. "My mom's taste for chocolate is _____________."
23.V - to make clear or to make lighter or brighter. "Her beautiful smile ___________ the room when she walks in."
24.V - to lightly or superficially burn. "I ____________ my hair on the straightening iron this morning."
26.A - of very poor quality or condition. "The living conditions in the slum are _________."
28.N - a small allowance or award of money. "This internship isn't paid but I will get a living _____________ at the end of the job!"
34.A - characteristic of a mother. "My mom always said that I had very ___________ instincts even as a young girl."
36.A - lacking mercy, ruthless. "Kim Jong-Il is the merciless leader of North Korea."
37.A - after the expected or usual time; delayed. "Sorry it's late, but here's your __________ birthday present!"
38.V - to pay attention to exclusively and obsessively. "My baby brother is totally _____________ on collecting Pokemon!"
39.V - to put out of expel from a place. "Can you hit the _________ button on my DVD player?"
1.N - a feeling of worry, comfort, support, or sympathy. "Please give my ___________ to your mother in her time of loss."
2.N - a person or animal's natural height and weight. "What is your father's __________ like compared to yours?"
5.V - to leave or move out. "I will _________ my apartment at the end of the month."
8.A - tedious, boring, repetitive. "Working in a factory line is a very ______________ job."
10.A - not frequent. "Please avoid walking around too much and make sure your breaks are ___________."
12.N - dead body of an animal or human. "I found a rotting raccoon __________ behind the garage last night."
13.V - to deprive of human qualities. "Some of the acts of torture at Guantanamo Bay may have been to ___________ prisoners."
14.V - to determine or distinguish the nature of a problem or illness. "My job as a doctor is to ___________ and treat illnesses."
16.N - the internal organs of an animal or person. "After I hit a deer, I saw its ___________ all over the highway."
19.A - not properly maintained or cared for. "My dad doesn't let me walk out of the house if I'm looking __________."
22.A - requiring sitting or little activity. "Sloths are very __________ animals."
23.A - easily understood or grasped by intuition. "I find it very _________ to use an iPod even if you don't read the directions."
24.N - a broad range of related objects or ideas. "There is a wide _______ of classes you can take in college."
25.V - to address continuously, relentlessly, persistently. "The media will ___________ Obama with questions at the press conference tomorrow."
26.V - to perceive, recognize, or detech using the sense or mind. "How do you ________ between your identical twin cousins?"
27.N - a feeling of ill will or hatred. "I harbor a lot of __________ towards my dad for what he did to my mom."
29.N - a flaw, mark, or imperfection. "I have a huge ______________ on my face that I can't get rid of!"
30.N - a delusion or false picture. "I thought I saw Li'l Wayne when I was at the store, but it was just an __________"
31.V - to shrink, vanish, or become gradually less over time. "My patience with my baby nephew is really starting to _________."
32.A - easy and able to read. "Your handwriting has become much more ______________ over the year!"
33.V - using pressure or force to make something happen. "I tried to __________ my mom into giving me money to go shopping."
35.V - to hang around or kill time. "You may not ___________ in front of the corner store."

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