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ANS 205

Kathryn Kania

Intro Lecture

1 2
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        7 8
9                       10 11
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  45 46               47     48     49
        51                 52        

3.lines the heart
5.back; also to describe the cavity that includes the cranial and vertebral cavities
9.a plane that should make you think "girth"
13.rotate palm down
14.membrane that lines cavities, includes parietal and visceral
17.serous membrane lines the abdominal wall
19.plane that is also called sagittal plane, unequally separates right and left
24.surface of tooth next to cheek
25.toward the bone; internal
26.rotate palm up
28.pertaining to arm
31.toward the median
32.ham; behind the knee
33.serous membrane that forms inner layer
36.serous membrane that forms outer layer
37.pertaining to the armpit
40.surface of incisor tooth next to lips
41.away from the median
42.pertaining to neck
46.front; also to describe the cavity that includes the abdominal-pelvic and thoracic cavities
47.related to the tail (posterior)
51.toward core
52.relating to mouth
53.pertaining to the pelvis
54.pertaining to the triangle shaped bone between the 5th lumbar
55.pertaining to the lining of the lungs
1.four parts of the mouth
2.position as it relates to the CNS
4.from front of hind leg to behind hind leg (x-ray view)
6.double layer peritoneum attaches stomach and liver, also spleen and intestines
7.pertaining to the loins/backside below ribs
8.movement toward body
10.double layer peritoneum contains blood, lymph, and nerve vessels
11.relating to nose
12.surface of tooth adjacent to next tooth
15.relating to the head
16.on or toward the surface
17.pertaining to the lining of the abdomen
18.relating to the belly button
20.movement away from body
21.pertaining to shoulder blade
23.pertaining to the area between anus and scrotum/vagina
27.relating to the vertebrae
29.toward the nose
30.related to the skull (anterior)
34.pertaining to bony cavity that holds the eyeball
35.pertaining to the kneepad
38.pertaining to sternum
39.away from core
43.pertaining to groin
44.plane separates body into equal left and right halves
45.pertaining to the pubes
47.relating to leg
48.plane that is also called frontal plane; separates front and back
49.joint above hock (analogous to the knee)
50.lines the lungs

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