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quiz 1 study ANS205 summer2012

Kathryn Kania

to help you study. based on lectures: cells&tissues, cellular transport, cellular water, and ions&electrophysiology. enjoy!

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6.the __ of the phospholipid bilayer are polar
7.fluid that makes up 20% of total body weight.
8.ion found in higher concentrations outside the cell
9.organelle that packages proteins to be sent out of the cell
13.the deep surface of an epithelial tissue
14.RBC's will shrivel in this tone of solution
15.another name for a carrier (a facilitated diffusion carrier)
17.netlike type of connective tissue
21.the __ ATPase pump moves ions around with the help of ATP
22.aka secondary active transport
24.__ active transport requires ATP as energy source
26.___ of thirst cells in the hypothalamus stimulate thirst.
29.the __ of the cell membrane's lipid bilayer are non polar
31.the __ __ never has to take a sip of water due to metabolic water produced
32.electrophysiology depends on the movement and permeability of ___.
34.an intracellular solute
35.garbage disposal organelle
38.___ moved against concentration gradient in kidneys/digestive tract is an example of secondary active transport
41.facilitated diffusion example
45.type of transport; facilitated diffusion
46.na+ channels ___ in the first step of the action potential energy diagram
48.K+ ___ through the channel protein in the 4th step of the action potential energy diagram
50.na+ channels ___ in the third step of the action potentail energy diagram, at the apex
51.reduced in the krebs cycle
52.organelle forms mitotic spindle during cell cycle
54.building block of the body
55.__ Na bind inside cell, and __ K bind outside cell on the Na-K ATPase pump
57.charge of average membrane potential at rest
1.osmosis is the movement of this substance
2.voltage-quantity of charges in a given location in reference to another location
3.the anaerobic portion of glucose-->ATP
4.a group of similar tissues
5.at 5% dehydration, skin is ___.
6.a solution with higher osmotic pressure will have a ___ solute concentration.
8.an extracellular solute
10.these proteins go through the phosopholipid bilayer from inside to outside, and often function as carrier proteins
11.a form of insensible heat loss
12.(2 words) temporary change in resting membrane potential caused by any stimulus that increases membrane permeability to Na
16.transitional epithelial tissue is unique because it has the ability to ___.
18.what mitochondria produce
19.an example of active transport
20.__ of RBC's can indicate disease; also differs between species
23.(abbr.) This makes up 60% of your total body weight.
25.___ of the stomach will releive thirst.
27.units that express osmotic pressure
28.a type of epithelial tissue
30.eye's squamous epithelial tissue
33.solution that has a lower osmotic pressure
36.type of diffusion that describes the movement of water
37.type of connective tissue
39.type of diffusion that is passive transport
40.the superficial surface of an epithelial tissue.
42.all solutes are ___ in terms of osmoles
43.muscle tremors that occur in the midst of electrolyte depletion
44.__ active transport requires the intrinsic energy from the Na+ gradient for energy
47.an excitable tissue type
48.you might not expect it, but this is a type of tissue.
49.cow pee is a 1031 osmol solution. dog pee is 1904 osmol. which animal concentrates urine better?
53.place a RBC into this solution and it will neither swell nor shrivel
56.at __% dehydration, involuntary muscle twitching and shock are experienced

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