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quiz #2 ANS 205

Kathryn Kania

a study guide for quiz #2! covers lectures: nervous system, brain and Spinal cord! have fun!

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5.each vertebrae has a pair of nerves, the exception being the __ vertebrae
7.lobe of cerebral cortex that is important for interpretation, word choice, sensations felt on skin
9.the color of myelin
10.a type of glial cell that has a phagocytic function
14.nodes where the myelin sheath doesn't cover so signals can jump
15.the fight or flight branch of the autonomic nervous system (ANS)
17.covering of brain and spinal cord
18.lobe of cerebral cortex that is important for visual recognition and vision
20.oligodendrocytes and schwann cells produce this
22.a bundle of nerves, continuation of medulla, segmented, has gray and white matter
23.__matter is in the telencephalon
25.reflex center of brain for swallowing
26.one of the three fates of a neurotransmitter once it has been used
27.the pons and medulla oblongata control this in the body
30.reflexes that aid in maintaining an upright body position
32.autonomic nervous system
33.__matter is in the cerebral cortex
35.spinal nerves are arranged into a __ for limbs, everywhere else they innervate the area in which they branch off
36.lobe of cerebral cortex of brain that is important for speech, concentration, problem solving, planning, and voluntary muscle control
39.reflex where tapping eyelids cause them to close
40.a function of the ANS: regulation of internal environment to meet the needs of the organism
42.postural reflex where lifting head of horse causes a change in stance
45.oligodendrocytes are located in the __ nervous system
47.what the myelin sheath covers
48.one of the three parts of the cerebrum, controls emotion, learning and cognition
51.tract of spinal cord that is ascending, originates from dorsal root
53.nerve fibers from parasympathetic ANS arise from __ nerves and sacral segments of spinal cord
54.part of the brain stem
55.astrocytes are this type of cell in the nervous sytem
56.one of the three main functions of the cerebral cortex
57.cell body
1.gray matter is __ bodies
2.this substance is myelinated nerve fibers (white matter) found in the cerebrum
3.the charge on the inside of a cell during resting membrane potential
4.convolutions in brain
6.a disorder of the basal nuclei
7.__matter is the innermost of the three layers of the meninges
8.tract of spinal cord that is descending, joins via ventral root
11.part of the brain that holds the pons
12.the eighth cranial nerve is written as __
13.in the brainstem, this is the auditory and visual reflex center
15.fissures in brain
16.are released by the stimulation of the autonomic sympathetic nervous system
19.part of brain that receives information from the inner ear, visual cortex, motor cortex, and proprioceptic receptors
21.name of one of the four ventricles in the ventricular system
24.lobe of cerebral cortex that is important for interpretation, visual memory, sound memory, hearing, learning
28.cells assist with cerebrospinal fluid production
29.space between the dura matter and periosteum of vertebrae
31.reflex center for temperature regulation
34.nerves in the parasympathetic ANS
37.there is a choroid plexus in each __ of the brain
38.right and left hemispheres of brain
41.one of the three main functions of the cerebral cortex
43.relay center, sleep/wake cycles. part of the interbrain of brain stem
44.the gray matter, soma & dendrites are here
45.the choroid plexus produces this stuff. it's also found under the meninges
46.inhibitory neurotransmitter which is promoted by alcohol, barbiturates, and diazepam
49.the trigger for neurotransmitter exocytosis
50.an automatic or unconscious response of an effector organ to an appropriate stimulus
52.moves into cell with concentration gradient and depolarizes cell during beginning of a nerve impuls

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