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ANS 205 quiz 3 part 2

Kathryn Kania

This is the second quiz to help you study for quiz 3 material; ;it covers the integument lecture. have fun!

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1.cornified epithelium in horses
5.in horns, the corium grows over cornual process, and there is a ___ overlay.
7.the __ __ is the bony core on the frontal bone of the skull
8.composed of "wool hairs"
9.where the melanocytes that give color to the skin are found, along with blood vessels, nerves, glads, and hair follicles.
12.part of the integumentary system, functions for defense and protection
15.__ and rambouilette sheep are the most common for wool
16.a special gland makes this oily substance. goats have the glands making it near their horns, pigs near carpals, and sheep infraorbital interdigital and inguinal
22.in this domestic animal only the males have horns
23.some species' sebaceous glands make this wax (not fat) in order to waterproof their wool
24.the __ __ is the muscle responsible for making hair stand straight up to either increase insulating properties or for fight/flight
25.one of the functions of the integumentary system
26.the part of the hair that is the outermost part (most superficial layer) of the hair shaft. it protects the medulla and cortex.
29.this layer of hoof rests superficial to the vascularized dermis layer. it is the hoof wall and peripole
31.these are accessory digits II and V. in ruminants they don't touch the ground, but in swine they do.
33.shedding is caused by the epithelial cells at the ___ that stop multiplying,
34.a protein in the skin that helps retain moisture
37.the process of destroying the corium that is on the cornual process when still young.
38.the hypodermis allows ___ of the skin
39.stratum __ is the layer of stratified squamous epithelium between SG and SGR
2.in this species of animal, the horn has no bone core
3.these hairs are whiskers
4.the part of the hair that is just layers of cornified cells
6.one of the functions of the integumentary system
8.animals with this type of hair do NOT have guard hairs.
9.aka corium
10.aka integument
11.form over cornual process. it's a bony core on the frontal bone of skull
13.a part of a hair that may contain the pigment
14.we can harvest ___ from angora goats
17.outer coat of hair has this hair type
18.stratum __ is the deepest layer of stratified squamous epithelium
19.aka superficial fascia, or subcutis. has panniculus adiposus.
20.melanocytes produce this
21.a hoofed animal is called __
22.cashmere wool comes from cashmere ___
26.__ grows over the cornual process, then a keratin overlay. to dehorn you have to destroy it when the animal is young
27.vestigial footpad in horses. also a yummy food you eat at christmas that you roast over an open fire.
28.in this domestic animal the female has smaller horns than the males
30.superficial modification of surface epithelium
32.stratum __ is the most superficial layer of stratified squamous epithelium, next to stratum lucidum. in it, the cells die and the keratin remains. they flake off eventually
35.aka dermis
36.toes are counted __ to __

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