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ANS 205 for quiz 4 part 1

Kathryn Kania

This crossword covers the lectures (for quiz 4) "bones" and "bone physiology" which ends the material for exam 1.


1 2 3 4     5    
  6 7                  
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12 13               14         15                 16
17 18                      
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21           22 23                       24    
26                   27   28      
30       31                       32    
  33 34                      
  36           37        
        38 39   40 41        
  44         45     46  
49               50       51
  52   53   54        

4.the appendicular division of the skeletal system includes this structure
7.end of the bone
8.part of the appendicular division of the skeletal system
12.30% of the bone is this organic matter
14.one of the causative agents for osteomyelitis (bone infection!)
15.this layer of the PERIOSTEUM has osteoblasts, and allows for bone to grow in circumference; it allows for response to injury and stress
17.what does the dens allow for on the axis?
21.spongy material in flat bones, like the scapula or ribs
23.these bone cells remove ("ConfisCate") bone, and increase blood Calcium (look at the c's in confiscate and calcium! this will help you remember)
26.type of fracture that is an incomplete break
28.organic matter in bone (besides collagen). this matter contains chondroitin sulfate!
31.pathological bone condition that is due to a lack of vitamin D. it causes rickets in the young.
32.__ hormones promote growth of bone and epiphyseal closure
34.the sheep has how many thoracic vertebrae?
35.atrophy, repair, rearrangement, and __ are the four processes that describe bone remodeling
36.C1, this vertebra has no spinous process
40.these vertebrae are fused together to form a wedge shaped bone
42.secondary ossification center is at the __
43.the __ process forms joints with other vertebra
45.adults have this yellow marrow in their medullary cavity
47.American thoroughbred who won the 2006 Kentucky Derby, but shattered his leg two weeks later. poor guy suffered from laminitis in front and hind feet for the rest of his life.
48.these bones are unpaired
49.description of short bones, which are found in joints like carpus and tarsus
50.25% of the bone is made of __
52.all domestic animals have 7 of these vertebrae
55.this region of the vertebrae is abbreviated "Cy"
56.the __ process is the dorsal aspect (the bump) of the vertebra
57.growth hormone works to promote elongation of long bones by activating __-like growth factors that stimulate chondrocytes
1.these vertebrae have a larger transverse process to provide more area for attachment
2.__ bone is aka cancellous bone. it contains the spaces and trabeculae
3.shaft of the bone
5.a division of the skeletal system; these bones are formed in soft organs like a dog penis, cattle hearts, or pig snouts
6.the functional unit of compact bone
9.bones that contain air spaces, and function to communicate with the exterior, such as the frontal and maxillary bones of the skull
10.these vertebrae make up the tail bones
11.immature undifferentiated bone cell
13.the study of bones
14.how many lumbar vertebrae does the horse have?
16.this classification of bone tissue is the dense, hard, outer layer which forms most of the shaft of long bones
18.part of the pelvis that has the TUBER COXAE (the hook bone that gives rise to the hip)
19.fracture where the bone is in several different fragments. the word literally means "to reduce to powder, to pulverize"
20.these bone cells form ("BuilD") bone, and Decrease blood calcium (look at the b's and d's in build and decrease)
22.the __ process is the part of the vertebra that sticks out on either side, left and right (laterally)
24.C2, this vertebra has the "dens"
25.widest part of the bone
27.the number of regions of vertebrae in the axial skeleton
29.in the spongy bone, this is mineralized tissue
30.this is big hole of the vertebrae that contains the spinal cord
32.a function of this bone is to support sensory organs
33.part of the shoulder; in the appendicular division of the skeletal system
37.bones that are small and found along the course of tendons, like the patella
38.the thoracic vertebrae are located at the ___ of the horse
39.this region of vertebrae has the most variation in number
41.division of the skeletal system that refers to the midline of the body
44.__ and phosphorus are the inorganic matter that makes up 45% of bone
46.one of the four components of the skeletal system
51.__ are part of the axial division of the skeletal system
52.the __ canal, aka haversian canal. in bones it has vessels and nerves surrounded by osteonal lamellae
53.this is the color of the young marrow in the medullary cavity
54.part of the pelvis that contains the tuber ischiadicum: the pin bone that gives rise to the buttock

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