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Female Repro system cpt 17


medical terminology

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1.excision of the fallopian tubes and ovaries
8.more than one nipple present on the breast
14.specialist in the study of diseases and treatment of the female genital tract
15.store milk produced by mammary glands
16.difficult labor
17.to shed
18.provides fetus with nourishment
19.endometrial tissue found at sites other than the uterus
20.pertaining to the breast
22.inflammation of the neck of the uterus
25.superior rounded portion of the uterus
26.after birth, referring to the mother
28.name given to a developoing human between the second and eighth week of gestation
30.bending back of an organ
31.fluid secreted from the mammary glad containing antibodies
32.discharge of milk from the breast after breast feeding has stopped
33.hernia of the bladder against the vaginal wall
34.fertilized ovum from conception to second week of gestation
35.stoppage of menstruation, usually at about 45-50 years of age
2.excessive vomiting during pregnancy
3.pertaining to the rectum and uterus
4.secrete lubricant for intercourse
5.pregnancy occurring in a place other than the uterus
6.birth process
7.surgical puncture to remove fluid from the cul-de-sac of Douglas
9.surgical removal of the uterus
10.false pregnancy
11.fungal infection of the vagina
12.stimulates the growth of blood vessels in the uterus
13.accumulation of pus in the fallopian tube
19.suturing the vulva
21.excision of the breast
23.stimulates development of secondary female characteristics
24.entrance to the vagina
25.fingerlike projections at the distal ends of the fallopian tubes
27.beginning of the regular menstrual cycle, usually occuring at around 13 years of age
29.resembling an egg shape

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