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Human Sexual Reproductive Anatomy

Mr. Sonne

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1.Pouches found behind the bladder that produce semen with fructose to give sperm energy
4.Tissues where sperm are produced. Also produces testosterone.
7.Where the egg is brought to maturity each month. Also produces estrogen and progesterone.
9.The womb or place where the fetus develops over the course of 9 months
10.The tubes through which the egg travels to the uterus. Also where fertilization takes place.
11.The sac that holds the testes and keeps them below body temperature for sperm production
13.The tube that allows urine and ejaculate (in men) to exit from the body
15.Tube through which sperm travel from the epididymis to the urethra
17.Skin covering the head of the penis that is removed during circumcision
18.The chamber that holds urine
20.Part of the female vulva that serves the purpose of sexual satisfaction.
2.Spongy muscle that fills with blood to make penis erect
3.The wall of the uterus. This tissue is shed during menstruation.
5.Gland which produces semen to lubricate and neutralize urethra
6.A thin membrane that covers the opening of the vagina. It may be broken during sporting activities, accidents, or first sexual intercourse.
8.Gland which produces the bulk of semen to ensure survival of sperm
9.The tubes through which urine travels from the kidneys to the bladder
10.The finger like projections that sweep the egg from the ovary into the fallopian tube
12.The birth canal or place where intercourse takes place
14.The neck of the uterus that must dilate to allow a fetus to pass into the vagina
16.Chamber on top of testes that stores sperm
19.Folds of skin on the vulva that protect the vagina and keep it moist.

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