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Introduction to Skull Anatomy

Amber Ashley

This puzzle is an introduction to terms related to skull anatomy. Knowing these terms will make learning more intricate skull anatomy much easier.

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1.point at the posterior end of the sagittal suture where the occipital and two parietal bones meet
3.The partition between the two nasal cavities
6.the expanded upper cavity of the digestive tract
10.2 cone shaped cavities for the eyeballs
12.4 pairs of air-filled cavities within 4 of the cranial bones
13.2 chambers of the nose (right and left)
14.the prominence on the anterior part of the mandible at the midline
2.point on the vertex of the skull where the sagittal suture meets the coronal suture
4.Point at the outer margin of the eye where the upper and lower eyelids meet
5.part of the skull that encloses and protects the brain
7.14 bones that form the facial skeleton
8.the pear shaped hole between the two maxillary bones
9.unossified areas at the junction where threen bones of the skull meet in an infant
10.the position of the upper and lower teeth in relation to each other when the mouth is closed
11.The cusps and grooves do not fit into each other when the mouth is closed

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