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The Liver

Brandis Danielson

This puzzle will help you to review the lecture material as well as ensure correct spelling of terms. Remember...spelling counts on exams!

1             2                   3 4
5                         6    
  8   9                  
11   12                                  
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18                                           19
  23         24                

1.Lies between the lobes and helps suspend the liver
5.The free edge of the falciform ligament
7.Product that emulsifies fats
8.These destroy old white and red blood cells in the sinusoids
12.Right and left hepatic ducts join to form this
18.One function of the liver, helps to maintain blood glucose
21.One function of the liver is to process _____ and hormones
22.One function of the liver, breaks down fatty acids to generate ATP
23.Yellow-green, alkaline solution synthesized and secreted by hepatocytes
24.A waste product of the heme of hemoglobin
25.Hepatocytes are arranged around this
26.Source of oxygenated blood to the liver
2.Body region the liver mostly occupies
3.Drains the gallbladder
4.Thin-walled green muscular sac located in a fossa of the liver
6.Largest gland, second largest organ
9.One function of the liver, deaminates amino acids for use in ATP production
10.Located at the corners of the lobule
11.Source of deoxygenated blood to the liver
13.The liver plays a role in synthesizing the active form of this vitamin
14.In the lobules, blood flows through these
15.Number of Principle lobes of the liver
16.Hexogonal structure of hepatocytes
17.Hepatocytes secrete yellow-green fluid into these intracellular canals
19.The liver stores this complex sugar
20.Located at lobule corners, contains yellow-green fluid

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