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Muscles of the Human Body

Jonathan bremner

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3.corner of mouth over to the cheek
10.distal shaft of the ulna on the anterior side
12.ilium of the pelvis
14.anterior iliac spine
15.lateral shaft of the radius about half way down the bone
17.posterior scapula (supraspinous fossa)
18.iliac crest and connective tissue in lumbar region of the spine
20.found on each side of the neck
21.inserts by way of the achilies tendon into the heel
23.base of skull
24.head and shaft of the fibula and shaft of tibia
26.anterior and lateral shaft or the femur
28.spinous processes of the 7th cervical vetebrae
30.iliac crest and ilium of the pelvis
33.upper border of the rib above
35.pubis and ilium of the pelvis
41.inserts into the 2nd metacarpal
42.lower aspect of the 12th rib
45.body and ramus of pubis portion of the pelvis
48.insertion is the deltoid tuberosity of the humerus
49.temple to lower jaw bone
51.extends the thigh/flexes the knee
52.iliac crest, sacrum, and coccyx
53.in a spiral fashion insert into the intertubercular groove of the humerus
54.lateral aspects of the lower eight ribs
55.ischial tuberosity
56.pubic crest and symphysis of pelvis
57.lateral ilium of the pelvis
58.lateral border of the scapula
59.anterior part of the distal shaft of the humerus
1.posterior and lateral aspect of the femur
2.medial aspect of the upper tibial shaft
4.around lips
5.anterior surface of the ribs 3-5
6.styloid process of the radius
7.linea alba and pubic crest
8.pelvis near the symphysis pubis
9.origin is the sternum
11.forehead (frontal bone)
13.anterior and superior border of ribs 1-9
16.second and third metacarples of the palm
19.lower border of each rib
20.lateral epicondyle of the humerus and ulna
22.corner of the lower jaw
25.lateral condyle and upper 2/3 of the tibial shaft
27.across checks
29.linea aspera of the femur
31.lateral epicondyle of the humerus
32.medial border of the scapula above the spine
34.inserts into the 5th metacarpal
36.both heads unite and insert at the radial tuberosity
37.subscapular fossa
38.around eyes
39.pubis portion of the pelvis
40.coracoid process of the scapula
43.fibula and lateral condyle of the tibia
44.posterior scapula (infraspinous fossa)
46.a muscular dome shaped muscle
47.all three heads unite and insert at the olecranon process of the ulna
50.posterior surface of the scapula

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