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Yappeh and Christoffer

A animal crossword puzzle. Its easy, but at least, try it.

1       2           3
5           6 7      
8     9          
10       11    
15     16    
17     18

1.They eat everything that tastes of blood.
5.Everybody hates it.
7.Its very big, and likes to eat meat from small childrens.
8.They sleep at day and hunts at night.
9.You can ride on it.
11.Its very dirty, and likes mud.
12.It pees on you.
13.A very ugly thing.
14.Weird ugly thing.
15.Its very small.
17.It flies in the air.
2.The biggest animal on ground.
3.It eats the seals.
4.You can take it on the boobs.
5.It eats pinguins.
6.A lot of wool.
10.It purs.
11.At lives at the bottom of the sea.
16.It wears a house on its back.
18.Its sleeping all the time.

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