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birds of britain

paul c

puzzle about birds

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3 4  
5                 6         7
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      38     39                        

1.small garden bird from the accenter family
5.heathland gamebird 3,6
6.small heathland finch
12.black and white small bird 4,7
14.fast flying summer visitor,frequents farms
15.early summer visitor with repetitive call
18.moorhen like waterbird
19.pinkish coloured small crow
22.rare bird often nicknamed the butcher bird 3,6,6
24.these species of birds feed beside the sea on beachs
26.commonest british finch
28.britains smallest bird
29.largest british crow
30.quiet bird ?.. found on lakes ponds streams etc 4,4
36.small insect eating brown woodland bird which is seldom seen or heard
37.garden and woodland bird which has its own anvil 4,6
39.singing summer visitor very similar to the chiffchaff 6,6
40.small woodland finch,often seen in small flocks
41.often nests in chimneys
42.thieving crow?
43.common bird of prey
44.high flying summer visiter
2.woodland bird that often makes its nesthole to correct size by using mud
3.this small thrush follows the gardener for worms
4.member of the bunting family of birds
7.lays eggs in other birds nests
8.largest british finch
9.makes a pewit call
10.summer visitor,singing thrush
11.common garden bird from the thrush family
13.gull like bird
14.catches insects on the wing 7,10
16.winter visiting thrush
17.seabird that gets its name from its call
20.a wading bird
21.is this bird an expert angler?
23.seed eating birds
25.preys on small birds
27.lives near or on manmade dwellings 5,7
30.common duck
31.very small common insect eating bird
32.wren like bird ,found in or near streams etc,
33.acrobatic bird table visiter 4,3
34.common garden bird that often feeds and roosts in noisy flocks
37.sings in the clouds in summer
38.large fish eating bird of prey

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