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Eccentric Cat Lady

How well do you know cats? This puzzle will test your knowledge and love of this delightful species

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1.official Latin species name of domestic cats (2 wds)
6.a non-predigreed cat
9.fear of cats
12.a cats scoops water with its tongue in this direction
13.Egyptian cat goddess
14.a cat can jump 5X as high as this part of its body
15.breed of cat, Egyptian for "to see"
16.comparatively speaking, cats have the largest of these than any other species
19.a type of tabby cat
21.a group of kitttens is called this
22.cats use their tails to maintain balance and to ___________
25.only breed of cat that is a natural swimmer (2 words)
28.cat with extra toes is this
31.helps cats analyze smells--they make a "stinky face" when they use it (2 wds)
33.a group of cats
34.a color marking in the center of a cat's forehead
36.they brought the first cats to America
37.body part that contains 15% of a cat's bones
38.first culture to domesticate cats
39.commone type of cat--named by English traders after silk woven tapistry from Bagdad
40.cat breed with the longest and thickest fur
2.when their pet cat died in ancient Egypt, the family did this to mourn (3 wds)
3.In this country a white cat with a black patch ("sacred mark") on its back is honored
4.less than 1% of total cat population is this
5.largest breed of cat
7.cats have 60-80 million of these cells (human have 5-20 million)
8.this culture calls the cat "the cleanser"
10.only natural American breed ( 2 wds)
11.originally a grey cat, sometimes assicated with witchcraft in Scottish folk lore
17.tropical part of the world that reveres cats as "rainmakers": they bathe cats to produce rain
18.American writer famous for his 6-toed cats
20.famous scientist (@1600s) who invented the first cat door (hint--he knows apples) (2 wds)
23.ancient Asian country that had a cat on a chariot leading a parade for the king (also gave its name to a popular breed)
24.love of cats
26.offical state cat of Maryland
27.first animated cartoon cat (2 words)
29.old Scottish name for cat
30.the domestic cat is the only species to hold its tail this way while walking
32.a cat will do this in sleep only when it is totally secure and happy
34.Egyptian city which was thr seat of cat worship
35.breed developed by crossing a domestic cat with the Asian leopard cat

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