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Bethany Lewis

Created especially for the WWU Equestrian club!

1       2 3   4 5   6        
8 9           10                  
11   12               13           14      
    15         16    
17             18        
      19     20               21  
              23 24        
27         28   29                                 30
32           33 34         35            
36       37                     38    
        40   41          
  43   44             45  
    46               47
  48           49        
    50                 51           52
54             55                  
57       58                

1.special noseband designed to keep a horse's mouth closed
3.Metal object for steering
5.Jesse James' horse
9."Hi Ho _____, Away!"
10.The Nez Perce horse
12.French term for "Training"
12.Sport requiring a saddle with straight flaps
13.The little race-horse that could
17.Sport requiring a small, agile, "cowy" horse
20.The most lady-like way to ride
22.Anna Sewell's creation
24.Gumby's horse
25.Western belly band
27.Horse transportation unit
29.The all-time leading reining sire and nearly $5,000,000 QH
31.Horse's hind-quarters
32.Back of saddle
34.Supplemental feed to hay
35.The 1950's series black stallion
37.Stonewall Jackson's horse
39.Sire of the Morgan breed
40.Directional movement that uses all of a horse's muscles
42.Zorro's horse
43.End post that holds up a pole for jumping
46.The clinician from Australia
48.The wild mustange that became a POA foundation stud
50.Western turn that require the horse to sit back on their hind-quarters
51.Sport requiring horse to "spin"
54.Sport requiring a fast horse
55.Stallion briefly owned and raced by The Simpsons
57.Place where a horse should "flex"
58.Sport requiring a saddle with forward flaps
2.Head collar
2.Sport requring a fit horse with perfect conformation
4.Robert E. Lee's horse
6.Sport requiring the horse to pull a cart
7.Ground pole
8.Belly band designed for lunging and ground-driving
11.A mythical species of horned horse
14.The horse that could "count"
16.The breed with a tightly curled coat
18.The horse that had his own TV show
19.Sport requiring a "patterned" horse
21.Famous Spanish Riding School breed
23.Odin's eight-legged horse
26.English belly band
28.Three-day competition combining three sports
30.Tonto's horse
33.Last horse to win the US Triple Crown (1978)
36.Special coral for starting and taming horses
38.Sport requiring horse and rider to travel miles over rough terrian
41.Only survivor of the Battle of Little Big Horn
44.The desert horse
45.One of the oldest domesticated breeds, and it is native to Friesland
47.Roy Rogers' "Golden Palomino"
49.Front of saddle
52.A horse's fastest gait
53."National Velvet" star
56.Smooth western trot

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