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Casey the horse person

1 2 3 4
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45       46       47  
50   51          
53         54 55   56  

5.A brown horse with black mane and tail
11.The oldest domestic horse breed
12.Teh equipment you put on a horse's head to lead it around
13.The hard fingernail-like tissue, alos a horse's foot
15.A spotted horse that was bred by the Nez Perce Indians, named after the Palouse River
17.An equine animal that is 14.2 hands or above
18.A pinto that has black patches
20.The part of the mane that goes to the forehead
23.A horse with a tan body and black mane and tail
25.A male horse over 4 years that hasn't been fixed, therefore he can breed
28.The triangular Sensitive thing underneath a horse's hoof, helps to absorb shock of running (Like the arch of your foot)
30.A draft breed named after Clyde Valley in Scotland
33.A horse of any gender under 1 year
35.A small patch on a horse's muzzle
36.The fenced in area where a horse grazes also called paddock
37.A horse that is very athletic, often confused with purebred
38.A quick walk
39.A male horse that has been fixed so he can't breed
42.Where a horse usually sleeps
43.A very cruel sport for a horse in which they run around a track
45.A horse with a single colored boy and several white hairs
46.How you measure a horse
48.The large hump at the base of a horse's neck, where you measure its height
51.A company that makes model horses
52.A welcome a horse gives
53.Part of a horse's face that is white
55.A female horse that is over 4 years
57.The sound a horse makes (Not neigh)
1.A horse with a golden body and white mane and tail
2.The equipment that A horse wears on its head when riding
3.A horse that has 1 color (Usually white) and patches of another color
4.The long strap that goes along the part of the body with the same name also called barrel, holds the saddle in place
6.The smallest breed of horse
7.The fastest horse pace (Not sprint)
8.The house of a horse
9.A spot on a horse's forehead
10.An equine animal that is 14.2 hands or below
13.When the markings on a horse's legs are just below the ergot
14.Also called headcollar, keeps a horse from lifting its head too high
16.A pinto that has brown or brownish patches
19.The Shaves space where you put the top of the bridle or halter
21.A male horse under 4 years
22.A sl;ow smoother version of a gallop
24.A horse with a light brown body and the same color mane and tail
25.When the markings on some horse's legs goes most of the way up the horse's legs
26.Large spots on a horse
27.The rubber boots a horse sometimes wears when riding
29.A "wild" horse of North America
31.A horse of any gender that is 1 year old
32.A wild horse of Mongolia
34.The seat you sit on to ride
40.The category of a horse (Cat is a feline)
41.When most of the head is white
44.When The markings on a horse's legs got to teh fetlock
47.The largest breed of horse
49.A line down the middle of a horse's face
50.A female horse under 4 years
51.A "Wild horse of Australia
54.The longer hairs on a horse's neck
56.A 5th gait that a horse lifts its legs high

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