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Marine Invertebrates


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3.the five large teeth found in sea urchins
6.the name of the sponge and cnidarian larvae
9.animals in this phylum have jointed appendages and a chitinous exoskeleton.
10.the shell-like endoskeleton of sea urchins
11.another name for the large digestive "tomali" in some crustaceans
13.the large claw-bearing appendages of crustaceans
15.the phylum of invertebrates that includes sea stars, urchins and sand dollars
16.the name of the second type of crab larvae
17.the groove in which tubefeet of echinoderms are found
21.squids have eight arms and two of these longer appendages
22.the name for a skeleton found on the inside of organism
24.the bell-shaped stage of a cnidarian
26.the class name for sea cucumbers
27.a class of mollusk with animals that have a muscular foot and, in many cases, a spiral shell
28.the "teeth" in the stomach of a crustacean
29.animals in this subphylum have two pairs of antennae, compound eyes and gills.
30.the name of the first type of crab larvae
31.the class of echinderms that includes sand dollars and sea urchins
32.in crustaceans, these are attached to the legs and are found under the carapace.
33.the class of echinoderms that includes sea stars
34.another name for "losing your guts", especially in sea cucumbers
1.the description of the cnidarian life cycle which changes from medusa to polyp
2.these structures cut through the body walls of some echinoderms allowing them to respire
4.in mollusks, a tongue with teeth
5.the dozens of suction-cups that allow echinoderms to crawl
7.the main body region of a crustacean
8.the name of the shell that covers the cephalothorax
12.the animals in this mollusk class have two shells.
14.a class of mollusk with 8 or more arms
18.when a sea star or arthropod replaces a lost appendage
19.squids have two attached at the gills, one that supplies the rest of the body
20.agile, scrawny sea stars in the class ophiuroidea
23.what crustaceans must do to grow a new exoskeleton
25.the appendages that make up the mouth of a crustacean

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