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Happy Dayz Gifts

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1.I am red with big claws. I live on the ocean floor. I don't like you very much because you eat my legs!
5.The fin on my back could be mistaken for a shark. I am super friendly. I like to live with my family, and we "talk” to each other a lot
7.I am the ocean that you would swim in, if you lived in Antarctica.
12.I am the ocean that you would swim in, if you lived in Alaska.
13.I am a type of fish that has 5 points. I am usually orange. My name is confusing; do I live in the sky, or the ocean?
15.I grow on the reefs or on rocky shores. Sometimes I am green, and usually a little slimy. I am a plant.
17.I am orange with white stripes. I live in the coral reefs in the ocean. I am so funny they even made a movie about me.
18.I am large, but some times you can't see me even though I am right beside you. I lay down flat on the ocean floor and put sand on top of me. I have a long tail. I have brothers named manta and devil.
19.I live around Jamaica. They call me a "sea cow". I eat a lot of food every day. I can weigh up to 3,500 pounds. I breathe air.
2.I am the ocean that you would swim in, if you lived in England.
3.I live on the ocean floor. When you hear my name, you might think I am a vegetable, but I am not. I am related to the star fish, and the sea urchin.
4.I am in the ocean in Australia. I stretch 1,616 miles. Tons of different fish and coral grow on me. If you go to Australia, you would swim to see me.
6.I am the ocean that you would swim in, if you lived in California.
8.I am the ocean that you would swim in, if you lived in India.
9.I have a hard shell. I can live outside the ocean, or in it. I lay eggs and the beach and bury them. When they hatch they try to find there way back to me.
10.They call me a killer. But I am really not that scary. I am black and white, and live in the pacific ocean.
11.I have eight legs. I am not a spider, because I live in the ocean! I have things on the back of my arms called tentacles, which help me catch my food.
13.My name might make you think you can ride me, but I am only as big as your pinky finger.
14.Sometimes I can have 5 rows of teeth. I have black beady eyes. Some people think I am scary. I have a large pointed fin on my back.
16.I am the largest mammal in the world. I have whiskers on my nose. I eat little fish called krill. I can grow to be around 100 feet.

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