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The Passion of Falconry

Mike Wright

words and terms of falconry.

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2.another name for a hawk
4.the two most central and dorsal-most of a hawks train
8.another name for a falcon
9.to let birds fly free when young, befor training
14.the droppings or excrement of a hawk or falcon
16.leather straps for holding and controling unwanted flights of a pird of prey
17.canker sore in the moth or throat caused from eating infected pigeons
19.wild is a haggard
20.active during the daytime
21.harris hawk
23.ready to hunt or eat
27.the top portion of the beak with nostril wholes
29.a male europen sparrowhawk
30.needle sharp claws that are on each toe and used for grabbing prey
31.to make game run from cover
32.a dark eyed bird of prey that has a thooth on it's beak
34.a forced projection usualy from a hawk
1.when new feathers are fully grown and shafts are hardened
3.when you become the parent of a bird
5.at end of molt when all the feathers are completly grown out
6.a bird of prey that hunts ground quarry
7.a device linked to a hawks jesses to keep the leash from tangling
10.the Number of eggs laid by a female during nesting
11.the ack of slowly approching a hawk when it is on quarry
12.the male gyrfalcon
13.a lose net put up vertically in front of a bait bird to drop on a bird of prey that tries to grab it.
15.metal rings used on anklets to put jesses through
18.when a hawk is responding with enthusiasm
21.to straighten and smooth out feathers
22.a hawk taken from the nest
24.a wild hawkin adult plumage
25.the male of hawk or falcon
26.to be ready and excited to hunt
28.the annual shedding & replacement of feathers
33.a male merlin

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