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Prehistoric Life II


A little bit harder puzzle

1 2 3
4                           5
  8 9                                
        12           13        
      14 15    
    16         17
  18                                 19
20         21      
      22     23                  

4.a polar dino
9.deep sea diver
10.early cat chow
11.the earliest elephant ancestor
12.one of the oldest carnivors
18.he is so heavy he should go on a diet
23.an early horned mammal
25.our earliest grandparent
26.a giant turtle
27.there were no "parks" at this time
1.a greenhouse climate
2.an early toothed whale
3.an early horse
5.he has antlers
6.Shark bait but not Nemo
7.the last before the dinos
8.bigger than an elephant
13.is it a bird or a fish?
14.this bird ate cats
15.the first giant
16.huge land carnivore
17.a top pre-dino predator
19.a time of mammals
20.an armored tank
21.a flying dragon
22.a relative of Dumbo
24.land whale

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