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Primatology Review

Zdanna King

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1.has ventro-ventral mating posture (face-to-face)
6.birth place
7.reproductive section of a tapeworm
10.dirt eating
11.social ranking within a group
13.a large group that splits apart for foraging and regroups later; bonobos and chimpanzees form this
15.any meat caught while hunting wild animals living in a moist tropical habitat
18.reduced reproductive success because breeding within a small population of closely related individuals may result in an increase of deleterious genes
20.a group of 5-9 chimpanzees that move along the borders of their territory, keeping unusually quiet and alert
21.explaining something with the fewest possible assumptions; the simplest explanation is the best
23.only truly carnivorous primate
25.closely related species are cognitively similar, so they should think about their experiences in similar ways
27.chemicals that plants use to defend themselves
30.mineral in dirt that provides relief of diarrhea
31.maintains endangered species, often in zoos, to ensure that their gene pools do not disappear
32.calculous concentration that can be found in the stomach or intestines of some animals; traditionally believed to be an antidote for poison
36.a group of mammals with forward-facing eyes, pentadactyly, enlarged brains, opposable thumbs and reduced reliance on their sense of smell
37.idea that human ancestors were violent, successful hunters, capable of killing large game
39.worms that form bumps on the surfaces of your intestine while they grow to maturity
40.having a relationship of joint interest and working toward a common goal
45.site where bones were found that fueled the debate over the killer ape theory
47.chimpanzee group from Jane Goodall's research site that annihilated another chimpanzee group
48.animals being aware that they are treating themselves with medicinal plants or soils
49.when an animal behaves in a certain way, you think, "What is that animal experiencing, based on its unique biology and experiences?"
50.the removal of an endangered species from one area where it is vulnerable and moved to another area within its historical range
51.chimpanzees eat the bitter pith from this plant when they are ill with intestinal worms
52.name of mountain chain where last 700 mountain gorillas survive in the wild
53.chimpanzee(s) that kills prey animal at end of hunt
2.the number of species within a given area
3.human culture that lives in the Amazon; commits episodes of warfare against neighbors that are somewhat similar to warfare episodes in chimpanzees
4.the transmission of infectious organisms (like parasites or diseases) between animals and humans
5.giving birth
8.favorite prey of chimpanzees
9.one of the most desired tropical hardwoods; logging companies often cut down huge areas of tropical forest to get a handful of these trees
12.chimpanzee(s) that prevents prey from escaping
13.the simplest possible way of explaining the thoughts behind a behavior are most likely to be correct
14.when former pets or other captive animals are released into the wild after rehabilitation in the hopes that they will survive and reproduce
16.the shape and structure of the body; anatomical characteristics
17.using bones, teeth and horns from animals to make tools
19.hairs or bristles; used to describe leaves that chimpanzees use for self-medication
22.chimpanzee(s) that initiates and maintains prey chase in a hunt
23.swelling of the skin around the rear of some female primates; often directly connected to estrus cycle
24.incorporates its own DNA into the DNA of its host's cells for replication; typically exhibits a high rate of mutation and can be difficult to treat
26.having given birth to one or more viable offspring
28.providing pharamceutical help to oneself during an illness
29.species that play a major ecological role within an ecosystem
33.when an animal behaves in a certain way, you think "What would think or feel in that situation?"
34.animal remains in natal area
35.animal leaves natal area upon sexual maturity
38.most successful hunter of all the adult male chimpanzees at Gombe, Tanzania
41.has not given birth
42.only primate to engage in systematic hunting
43.locomotion pattern of walking on two legs
44.chimpanzee group at Jane Goodall's research site that was wiped out by another chimpanzee group during intergroup warfare
46.prone to frequent social interaction

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