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Sea Turtles


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6.All sea turtle species, except one, are listed as ___.
11.A disease called fibropapillomas that is killing sea turtles may be caused by ___ in the water.
13.Sea turtles can sometimes escape from drowning in shrimp nets if there is a turtle ___ ___, or TED, for them to use (two words).
16.A sea turtle leaving its nest for the first time is called a ___.
17.Pulls its food from crevices in coral reefs with its jaws.
18.Where sea turtles leave their eggs.
1.2.Turtle that is named for the color of the fat underneath its shell.
2.Trawling for ___ can kill many thousands of sea turtles each year.
3.Ghost crabs and birds are ___ of hatchlings as they hatch from the nest and race to the ocean.
4.Turtles sometimes die after eating plastic bags that look like the ___ they eat.
5.They nest more often than other species, and all of this species nest at the same time.
7.Largest sea turtle, does not have a "shell."
8.Coastal ___ includes structures like sea walls and sandbags that are used to try to prevent beach erosion; however, these structures keep turtles from nesting.
9.Turtle named for its large head.
10.When hatchling turtles head toward artificial lights on the beach rather than moonlight, it is called a___.
12.One way we can help save sea turtles from extinction.
14.In many cultures around the world, people still eat turtle ___ and meat.
15.Sea turtles can ___ hundred or even thousands of miles to get from their feeding grounds to their nesting beaches.

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