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Sponges and Cnidarians

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5.Glass sponges with spicules composed of silica.
7.One class of cnidarians that usually has both medusa and polyp stage, and there are 2700 species. An example is the Portuguese man-of-war.
8.The capsule that holds a coiled, threadlike tube containing poison and barbs is called the ________.
9.Stinging cells on a cnidarians tentacle.
10.Sponges with spicules composed of spongin fiber, silica, or both.
13.The first stage of a cnidarian: a tube-shaped body and mouth surrounding the tentacles.
14.Sponges with spicules composed of calcium carbonate.
15.The second stage of a cnidarian: umbrella-shaped body and tentacles that hang down.
1.One class of cnidarians that are transparent and float near the water's surface. There are 200 species.
2.Obtaining food by filtering small particles from water.
3.The inner cell layer of cnidarians surrounds the ______________.
4.the cnidarians nervous system that conducts impulses to and from all parts of the cnidarians body.
6.One class of cnidarians that has a dominant polyp stage. They live as individual animals
11._________ means that an object is attached to an stay in one place.
12.One class of cnidarians that has a dominant polyp stage. They live as colonies of polyp

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