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VetTechPrep crossword puzzle

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Study for your VTNE!

1 2     3         4
6     7               8
  9   10             11        
  18   19  
20                     21    
      22   23                  
    25       26                  
            28 29          
          32       33  
  34                   35    

1.most common breed with intervertebral disk disease
7.the first section of small intestine
10.term for abdominal pain in the horse
11.another name for the large intestine
12.a parasite which causes diarrhea and has a trophozoite form
13.a drug often given under anesthesia to increase heart rate
15.passive process of "throwing-up"
16.fatal syndrome caused by a corona virus in cats
20.a stain for the eye to look for corneal ulcers
22.cats on methimazole are _______________
25.pets with pancreatitis should eat a diet low in _____
26.anesthetic induction agent that looks like milk
27.surgery is performed in a _______ field
29.common name for onychectomy
30.largest vessel in the body
31.the test for kerratoconjunctivitis sicca (dry eye)
32.raccoons, skunks, bats, and coyotes are all reservoirs
34.active process of "throwing-up"
36.difficult birth
37.proper term for hives
38.anticoagulant rodenticide antidote
2.low red blood cell count
3.a superficial skin mite that causes intense pruritis
4.pyelonephritis is an infection in which organ
5.parasite that has a life cycle of approximately 6 months
6.the cranial nerve that has 3 branches
8.can be transmitted from animals to humans
9.cats in renal failure should eat a diet low in _____and phosphorus
14.transports the de-oxygenated blood from the right ventricle to the lungs
17.a non-contagious mite that lives deep in the hair follicles
18.diamond skin disease in pigs
19.low blood sugar
21.zoonotic disease transmitted through infected urine
22.term for high-blood pressure
23.a pus-filled uterus
24.proper term for ear infection (2 words)
28.pets with diabetes are treated with this drug
30.true glandular stomach of the cow
33.type of sling sometimes used after setting a subluxated hip
35.cranial nerve VII (seven)

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