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Waterfowl Terminology

Test your knowledge on waterfowl. All answers can be found in the American Standard of Perfection.

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1.Means wild, untamed or not domesticated.
6.A paunch disclosing heavier development on one side than on the opposite side.
10.The absence of this is a disqualification in Toulouse Geese.
11.The bare membranes covering the bill, knob, lores and eyelids in waterfowl.
12.A contrasting color area in some breeds of ducks, covering the upper breast and lower neck.
13.Dark pigmentation, refers to skin color or plumage color.
14.A term for ducks, geese, swans and their sub-families.
15.The goose branch of the Anatidae family.
17.The top contour of the upper mandible between its point and the skull.
18.The fleshy knobs on the naked portions of the head, face and neck of the Muscovy duck.
22.Another name for the uropygium.
23.Either one or two folds of skin that hang from the abdomen of many domestic geese.
24.What is the standard weight of an old Pekin drake?
25.How many classes of geese are recognized?
26.A male duck.
29.The Welsh Harlequin duck was derived from what already established breed?
30.How many recognized varieties of call ducks are there?
31.The name of the mouth parts.
32.Fuller or heavier on one side than on the other.
35.A term used for living in or frequenting trees.
37.Flight feathers on the inner or body side of the wing of ducks.
40.Transmissible characters not evident by the exterior appearance.
42.The surgical removal of the point of the wing at the outer joint.
43.The distal or outer segment of the wing.
45.A baby goose.
46.What a bird is considered old enough to reproduce.
48.A narrow strip or stripe on the plumage of contrasting colors.
50.A term for channelled, plaited, wrinkled or grooved.
51.What is the only breed of duck with caruncles?
52.A raised hard, bean-shaped protuberance on the tip of the upper mandible o fa waterfowl.
2.The absence of knob and of the dewlap is a disqualification in what breed of goose?
3.What was the last breed and variety of a duck to be admitted into the Standard?
4.Refers to ducks and geese over one year of age.
5.The upsweep of the keel on the breast, giving resemblace to the bow on a boat.
7.These are tooth-like serrations on the inner edges and roof of the bill of ducks and geese.
8.What class is a cayuga duck in?
9.The larger feathers emerging from the region of the shoulder.
11.What do you call the plumage covering the top of the head.
16.A concave depression in the top of the bill of waterfowl, a disqualification.
19.What is the other breed of medium weight ducks besides the Cayugo, Swedish and Buff?
20.What is the standard weight in pounds of a young Embden goose?
21.How many classes of ducks are there?
27.The long inner most feathers near the juncture of the wing and body, usually three to five in number.
28.The stout membrane between the toes of all Anatidae.
33.The duck branch of the Anatidae family.
34.A baby duck.
36.Plumage acquired by drakes following the eclipse molt; plumage of the drake prior to and during the breeding season.
38.A type of molt that occurs on the drakes as a more somber, dull plumage occuring after the breeding season.
39.A lustrous distinctively colored area of the wing of a duck.
40.What country did the Saxony duck originate from?
41.The space between the eye and the upper edge of the bill.
43.Pendulous folds of flesh and skin suspended from the abdomen of geese.
44.,A male goose.
45.A female goose.
47.How many recognized varieties of runner ducks are there?
49.A female duck.

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