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BGFA Membership Crossword


1     2   3 4   5
6     7  
8         9     10      
  11   12                
14           15 16                
19       20  
      23       24              
25   26          
28           29   30    
  32               33  
    34               35
36       37   38    

1.Avante _________
4.1960s art movement which included Warhol and Johns
8.Paintings of subjects and scenes from everyday life
10.Famous NY museum
11.Pablo Picasso's specialty
13.Type of paints
14.Fabric material used to paint on
16.The art of pottery which is fired in a kiln
18.Progressive art movement beginning in the early 20th century
21.German school of art and design
22.A 17th century annual exhibition held in Paris, presented by the Royal French Academy
23.One's own image (hyph.)
28.Judges art
31."Trick of the eye" (2 words)
32.Artist known for her flower paintings
34."_______ artist"
37.The second order of classical Greek architecture
39.A heavy, opaque watercolor paint
2.Mexican muralist
3.A public showing of works of art
5.Group of artists who recaptured the Renaissance in the 17th century
6.A method of painting on plaster
7.The very thick application of paint (e.g. Van Gogh)
9.Primary color
12.The capital of Massachusetts
15.Prominent photographer, gallery owner, and #___ across/down's husband
16.The use of light and dark shading in painting
19.Surreal artist
20."Low-raised work"
22.Artist's lair
24.The angle of which something is looked at or considered (abbr.)
25.Museum volunteer
26.An 18th century style which emphasized the carefree life
27.Italian for "beautiful lake"
29.Supports a painter's canvas
30.To fling paint
31.Associated with the Aschcan School
33.The ________ Show, an exhibition in 1913
35.Artist hub (abbr.)
36."Readymade" art
38.An unclothed live model

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