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1 2
3 4              
      5 6       7
    9 10              
12 13   14                   15     16
    17         18 19 20  
    22       23                      
25                     26           27        
29   30         31              
32       33 34                  
    35   36 37                          
  39                       40  
42               43                        
  45                 46                
    48       49          
  50       51       52
53               54            
      55             56    
  57       58  
        59     60          

4.this leaves the body
5.one who makes ceramic wares
8.this oxide gives you the blues
10.a hold near end of firing cycle
14.unfired ceramic objects (2 Words)
15.what we do with our bills
17.firing method with lots of fun smoke
22.forming clay w/o a wheel (2 Words)
24.firing with reduced oxygen
25.items to hold kiln shelves up
26.this burns away during the bisque fire
30.once-fired ceramic objects (2 Words)
32.pulverized hydrous aluminum silicate minerals
34.abbreviation of red iron powder
36.who we blame for everything (2 Words)
39.mix of water, kaolin, and alumina (2 Words)
41.refactory clay (2 Words)
42.scratching decoration through glaze
43.smoothing clay by rubbing
45.glasslike mature clay
46.kneading clay prior to use
47.forming pottery on the wheel
48.a sticky plastic clay (2 Words)
51.little pyramids measure time and temperature
53.calcined bones (2 Words)
54.china clay
55.glaze chemicals to promote melting
56.this keeps glaze at bay
59.opacifier containing zirconium
61.do this before using glazes
62.glazing method using tongs
1.hand building using snakes of clay
2.common aluminosilicate glaze ingredient
3.lowest point on a pot
6.added to glazes to get colours
7.glossy glazes tend to be this
9.added to glaze to retard settling
11.with form, glasslike
12.wares with no poisonous ingredients after fire (2 Words)
13.opposite of acidic
16.glaze fault with lots of little cracks
18.a constant problem to watch for
19.fast drying can cause this
20.happens as clay dries & is fired
21.device to measure kiln temperature
23.ready to fire (2 Words)
27.keep this material out of your clay
28.atmosphere in electric kiln
29.used to join 2 pieces of clay
31.fuel for skutt oxidation kiln
33.main ingredient in beach sand
35.this leaves the body
37.turn this on when firing kiln (2 Words)
38.loading the kiln for firing
40.look into the kiln using this (2 Words)
42.firing too hot can cause this
44.machine to process wet clay (2 Words)
49.bare spot glaze defect
50.another name for calcium carbonate
52.broken bit of pottery
53.where glazes are to be found
55.most important thing to have in the shop
57.another name for silica
58.glaze without gloss
60.p. r. f. a. also known as this

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