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Clay Crossword

3       4  
6 7        
9                       10        
  11               12    
13             14     15 16
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    22 23        

2.Clay that has been fired once, unglazed.
3.A method of manipulating clay with your fingers in your palm to a hollow shape. These pots are a poplular beginner's project.
5.A low fired clay body. Glazed pottery is fired to a temperature of 1830-2010 degrees Fahrenheit.
6.Alumina + silica + water. A compound of decomposed and altered rock.
8.First firing, without glaze.
9.A device with either a manual (foot powered) or electric rotating wheel head, used to sit at and make round pottery forms.
10."Baked" clay that has become hard.
11.The final firing, with glaze.
13.To scratch the surface. Used with slip to join moist clay pieces together.
14.Pressed or rolled flat sections of clay used in hand building.
20.Unfired pottery that is bone dry, a stage in which clay forms are the most fragile.
21.A plaster form which is used to support wet clay in the early stages of construction.
24.A piece of clay rolled like a rope, used in making pottery.
25.A method of kneading clay, to make it even and work out bubbles.
26.A furnace of refractory clay bricks for firing pottery and for fusing glass. Can be heated by electricity, gas, oil or wood to temperatures from 1500-2340 degrees Fahrenheit.
1.A strongly raised or deeply carved pattern.
4.Methods of building clay forms using only hands and simple tools.
7.Stage of clay between plastic and bone dry. Clay is still damp enough to join it to other pieces using slip. (For example: the stage when handles are applied to mugs.)
12.A method of decorating by stamping into a clay surface.
13.Clay mixed with water to a mayonnaise consistency. Used in casting and decoration.
15.The explosion of clay in the kiln caused by the sudden escape of steam resuling from rapid heating of the presence of impurities.
16.Completely air dried clay. Unfired clay that has no absobed moisture other than natural humidity.
17.A thin coat of glass that has been melted onto a ceramic surface
18.Clay that has been hardened by intense heat.
19.Pushing the clay down and together, forcing the particles of clay closer.
22.A plaster or bisque clay shape from which a clay form can be copied.
23.The heating of clay or glaze to a specific temperature.

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