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Compositional Elements in Photography

Ms. Carroll

Beginning photography class compositional elements quiz. (there is no space between two word answers)

2 3                        
4           5  
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3.Where shapes do not exist (2 words)
4.The best type of composition to make sure your viewer can determine your main subject
8.The compositional elements and the arrangement of them to achieve an effect
11.Where shapes exist (2 words)
12.You should always make sure that your horizon line is
15.A composition that is not equal on both sides
16.Where the sky and the sea meet (2 words)
17.The center part of an image (2 words)
18.Can divide, unify, or accent certain parts of a composition
19.Two or more lines that travel in space at an equal distance from each other never touching
20.A composition that is most likely asymmetrical but does not feel unbalanced
21.The back part of the photograph
22.Used to draw the viewers eye through the composition or to the main subject (2 words)
23.A composition that is equal on both sides
1.The point at which parallel lines, viewed from an angle appear to converge. (2 words)
2.Has to do with the relationship of your subject to the edge of the frame
5.An image that is hard to determine the main subject
6.Used to draw the viewers eye through the composition or to the main subject (2 words)
7.The edges of a photograph
9.Repeating of elements within an image that have a similar shape
10.The front of the photo
13.Used to help create an illusion of depth (2 words)
14.The object that is the center of your photograph. What your photograph is 'about' (2 words)

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