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Egyptian Art - gods, goddesses, and glossary

Janet Montgomery

Gods, Goddesses, and Glossary

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1.guilty of fratricide
6.laminated pith of a water-dwelling plant
7.creator-god - he looks after craftsmen
9.Meow! Meow meaow.
10.used for grinding cosmetics
14.oval loop of rope around a king's name
16.upper wall window opening to let light into an interior
17.this wise one records your judgment; has quite a beak
19.his cult kept pens of crocodiles in his honor
21.arabic for "bench"
22.oh my what a projection!! better than Osiris' wooden one!
24.tall pillar with a pyramid top
26.eat you up if you've been bad - YUM
27.individual personality that flies around & comes home at night
29.Isis' sister, hangs out with her at your judgment
31.triangular marshy area where a river spreads out
32.the great river that runs through it
34.little figurines to serve you in the afterlife
36.looped cross symbol for life
2.type of hall with tall pillars surrounding a temple
3.cobra; symbolizes protection
4.one's vital force; needs a "body" to live in after death
5.blue-green glaze made with glass and quartz crystals
8.bovine head; she loves music, beer, and pleasure
10.jewelry worn over the chest muscles
11.city of the dead
12.plaster soaked papyrus wrapped around a body
13.shown arching over the earth and speckled with stars
15.he's mean, he's green; presides over the underworld
18.sails across the sky every day; is reborn each night
20.pharaoh is the incarnation of this falcon god
23.a set of rules for creating art
25.where the ka statue sits and peers out
28.harmony, justice, and the right order of things
30.great big ol' gate or monumental entrance
33.wandered around picking up pieces of her husband
35.god of the sun disk; Akhenaten forced everyone to worship only him

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