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Fiber Arts Crossword Puzzle

Ms. E. Moore

Solve the crossword puzzle below using the following weaving vocabulary: WEAVING,LOOM,YARN,WARP,WEFT,WEB,SELVAGE,SHED, SHUTTLE,SPINNING,COTTON, WOOL


1.Another name for cloth or fabric
3.A tool used for interlacing yarn or threads together, to make cloth
5.Threads that run across the lengthwise threads when creating cloth
6.The process of making fibrous material into yarn or thread
7.The tool used to hold yarn when it travels through the warp threads
8.The process of forming cloth or fabric on a structure, by interlacing yarn, thread, or other materials
1.The fiber material obtained from sheep and certain other animals used in the making of fabric
2.A soft, fluffy, fiber that grows around the seeds of a plant that is used to make fabric
4.Roped threads of spun fibers
6.The side of a piece of cloth that is created to prevent the threads from raveling
7.The space that is created when lifting the threads to make cloth
8.A tool used for interlacing yarn or threads together to make cloth

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