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Frustrated Artist

Merana Cadorette

Puzzle generated to use in a still-life painting!

1     2 3   4   5    
6   7        
  8         9   10   11       12        
  13             14   15      
    17       18 19                    
  20   21 22         23              
24   25                  
    26                   27   28          
  30           31                     32
33     34        
      35 36                 37
38         39          
40   41   42      
  46 47

1.type of brush or floor cleaner
5.ready to mat and frame
6.type of paper or for cleaning
8.for love ot it
10.exotic boom
12.blue or green
15.strike one of these!
16.they like it enough to open their wallet!
17.printer's tone
19.flighty muse
21.artistic support
23.array of colors
24.creative space
26.if at first you don't succeed...
27.creative charactoristic, alas, not usually temporary!
29.lots of Savannah gates in one place!
30.etchings 'real art' ones; giclees not so much...
31.usual artistic state
33.what artists and old west gunnfighters do
35.H2O pigment
39.raw or burnt
41.airshow subject
43.imperfection tool
44.IRS's percentage
45.type of artwork
48.keeps tube from drying out
50.life blood of trees
1.sets off work from frame
2.off or piece
4.what years of practice hopefully brings
5.foundation of pointilism
6.what tilted puddles of paint do
7.art store
9.the judge says no
11.they trusted the artist
12.kind of horse
15.they sold something!
16.adds excitement to a clear sky
18.bugs in your painting?
20.child's toy, not fun for artists
22.usual artist state
25.raw or burnt
28.stage piece, display
30....& ink
32.not open
33.a little one will do ya!
34.how watercolors work
36.red with a 'z'
37.finishing touch
40....with death
41.foundation of piece
42.imitates life...
45.Savannah street scene
46.neccessary to survive
47.brush holder
49....it up; clean up puddle of spilt water

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