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History of Modern Art I

Erika Romero

1 2 3 4 5 6
8                       9                        
    10 11                    
    13 14                        
  16           17   18  
19                   20     21        
22                                   23   24  
26 27                                                
29         30  
    31                 32         33   34        
      35                     36  
38                                 39                    
      41 42      
  43                                       44            
45                 46                        

8.Name a characteristic of the neoclassical style
9.Which Renaissance sculptor was Rodin influenced by
11.Loved to paint horses and did portraits of the insane and mentally ill
12.invented pointillism
13.Which movement examine the effects of natural light and shade on color
15.Goya painted in this style, showing the barbaric and horrific aspects of war and human nature
16.Which impressionist artist often included large groups of people in his works
19.Was particularly influenced by photography and examined the concept of motion in his works
20.Which important work commemorated the bombing of a village in Spain
22.Liberty Leading her People shows the two natures of war
25.Which Manet paintings twists the traditional female nude into an aggressive prostitute
27.Is arguably the most influential work of the 20th century
28.which two artists painted Le Grenouillere
31.Realism was a reaction to which movement
34.Emphasis of Cezanne's paintings is not on color but on
35.with the decreased importance of the subject in Cezanne's work, what happened with the importance of the tactile quality of the paint
38.David used neoclassical style and subject matter to paint works as a "call to arms" on
39.Was the most exalted Academy painter of the nineteenth century
40.which type of cubism incorporated collage
43.Which two artists painted The Source
44.Which artist was famous for his satirical cartoons and also depicted the plight of the urban poor
45.Matisse was leader of this movement
46.Pissarro worked mostly in which style
1.Courbet was one of the most offensive artist of this movement
2.Cubist style looks at objects from
3.Fauve translate to
4.One of the influences of Picasso
5.Worked in a neoclassical style but often painted romantic subjects
6.name two characteristics of the romantic style
7.Was post-impressionist who used color for its expressive purposes and as a subject in itself
10.Millet was part of which school
14.Which three artists painted Luncheon on the Grass
17.Which painting was the Impressionist movement named for
18.Which movement did Cezanne greatly influence
21.Gericault worked in this style
23.Picasso's early period is known as his
24.Which artist's break up of space influenced Picasso
26.Which woman artist became famous in her time and studied animals and their anatomy
29.Which later group of artists admired Rousseau's work
30.Which artist worked closely with Picasso to develop Cubism
32.Which artist would travel our in the country to make sketches and preliminary work and then let other artists study his works
33.Which movement was Cassatt closely associated with
36.Considered himself a technical painter but was admired by later artists for the naive aspects of his works
37.Delacroix worked in which style
41.Which artist was particularly influenced by Spanish art
42.Painted the first female nude that was not allegorical

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