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History of Modern Art V

Erika Romero

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7.These three artitst each painted a painting entitled Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe
8.Was an affront to high society. Resulted as a rejection of Romanticism. Was advocated by the writer, Emile Zola. Strived to achieve the most accurate rendering of life by choosing subject matter relevant to its time
9.Artist who was heavily inspired by the Spanish masters of the past. Wanted to be accepted by the French Academy. Never exhibited with the impressionist. Created great scandal during his life.
10.Often regarded as the major bridge between the 19th and 20th centuries in art
11.Known for his expressive colors, battled substance abuse and depression throughout his life, and committed suicide after the Nazi's publicly denounced his work as degenerate
12.He is credited with first developing pure abstraction
15.This artist painted trees in his earlier career which evolved continually to simplistic representations before his work transformed into abstract
18.Resulted as a rejection of Neo-Classicism. Sought the most dramatic subjects to represent and embraced the exotic, foreign, and intensely emotional. Boasts Goya, Delacroix, and Gericault as painters of it's style
23.He spent time in theological studies
25.The "Monument for the Third International" which was to signify a political conquest, be taller than the Eiffel Tower, and was never built, was envisioned by which artist
26.Which two artist demonstrated diametrically opposing views of war in their work
28.Created unsentimental records of contemporary life that secure his place as the primary Realist painter
29.Used only prime colors, black and white
30.The artist who was once an idealistic Communist but in frustration with what he believed to be the corrupt agendas of all political systems moved toward a painting style which aesthetically reflected his cynical nature
31.Interested in destroying the myth of the sophisticated artist
1.Is most indebted to Monet and is more concerned with experimental rendering of light than concretely rendering the figurative
2.Cubism focused on forms reduced to 2-dimensional basics like the circle, square and the triangle, de-emphasizing color and depth perception to represent the natural world
3.One of the major changes in art throughout the 19th century
4.In the manifesto of this artists it was stated that
5.These two artists worked in the Neo-Classical style
6.Which painting by Picasso has been called a
13.An embracement of the absurd as a reaction against Western Rationality
14.Young Pollock was a participant in the workshop of which Mexican Muralist
15.His "wild" application of color in his works of 1905 was important in the labeling of his style as Fauvism
16.Artist who was married to Kahlo, spent nearly 14 years in Europe studying the masters of art, both old and new, before returning home to Mexico to help develop the Mexican Muralist Movement
17.The Texas-born artist, was a key contributor to the eventual decline of Abstract Expressionism through his
19.Though he rejected membership to any artistic movement in the inter-war European years, Andre Breton, the founder of Surrealism, described him as
20.Artist whose life was filled with both physical and emotional suffering due to a tragic accident during adolescence, is best known for intensely personal and symbolic self-portraits
21.(True or False) Impressionism is considered by art historians to be most indebted to Seurat
22.Cubism often used several different tangible materials like rope, newspaper, and glass, strategically structured to compose a collage
24.artist who came to personify the art scene of the 80's with its merging of youth culture
26.Motion, captured in frozen time, often exemplified by the photographic snapshot, was a primary concern of which artist
27.Was particularly concerned with the plight of the urban poor

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