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History of Photography

L. Mascioli

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1.This replaced the Collodoin in Dry Plate method.
4.Considered the Father of Modern Photography
11.Polariod camera developed negative and postivie this way.
13.Niepce was unhappy with the phoographic process at the time because it was ___________________.
14.He developed a portrait lens that is 10X faster. (2 words)
16.A partnership developed between Painter and Photographers during this time. (2 words)
17.Roger Fenton too 300 of these.
18.The Collodion plates had to be exposed while ____________.
19.Daguerre found this to be the best fixing agent. (2 words)
24.Spreading Collodion on tin rather than glass are called.
28.Developed the Polaroid Land Camera. (3 words)
29.He took first Aerial shot.
32.First coined the phrase camera obscura.
33.Roger Fenton outfitted a wagon with this.
35.He accidently created the first photo-sensitive compound. (2 words)
38.Substitued a lens for the pinhole. (2 words)
41.Dr. Paul Rudolph the Precision Lens called this. (2 words)
43.He discovered that Mercury vapor is the perfect fixing agent. (2 words)
44.Invented Kodak number one box camera. (2 words)
45.Richard Leach Maddox proposed the use of an emulsion of gelatin and silver bromide on a glass plate and was the ___________ process. (2 words)
46.Oscar Barnack developed this. (2 words)
2.He was given partial credit for the invention of photography. (2 words)
3.Louise Daguerre developed this type of photograph.
5.James Ambrose Cutting patented Archers wet collodion method under this name.
6.Talbot coated paper with his compond and called it this meaning beautiful in Greek.
7.They became the first photographers based on their observations.
8.Matthew Brady and Alexander Gardner documented the photos of this event. (2 words)
9.Painter used photograpers to assist in this.
10.The negative to positive process permitted this. (2 words)
12.Thomas Wedgwood created these by putting objects on leather treated with Silver Nitrate. (2 words)
15.He patented Tintypes. (2 words)
20.Because of William Henry Jackson's photos congress decided to name this park the first National Park. (2 words)
21.The exposed wet plates have to be ______________ immediately.
22.James Maxwell Clerk made this for the first time. (2 words)
23.Developed the Electronic Flash. (2 words)
25.He did a time-sequenced photo. (2 words)
26.The Brownie by George Eastman popularized the concept of this.
27.He described the principle of Camera Obscura. (3 words)
30.Produced a legacy of photos on plates of the pyramids and the holy lands. (2 words)
31.Means "dark room". (2 words)
34.This word means to "write with light".
36.Are used as a darkening agent. (2 words)
37.Talbot produced the first _________________ image.
39.Julia Margaret Cameron was the most remarkable _____________.
40.Roger Fentons photos were exhibited in ____________ and Paris.
42.This brand of camera came loaded with 100 pictures and cost $25.

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