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Making photographs using an enlarger.

Mrs D Draper

A crossword puzzle about using the enlarger to make photographs. Some of the words are the answers to the cloze passage of the same name.

1     2 3 4 5 6
    7       8
  9         10              
14 15  
16 17                     18 19
  21               22
    24 25          
28 29                  

1.An adjustment tool on the enlarger.
9.A primary colour.
10.Where photographs are made.
11.Measured by a clock.
12.Too much light onto the negative.
13.Plastic strips with images.
17.The adjective of photography.
20.Not off.
21.An arty word for picture.
23.Tonal value between white and black.
25.Used to take photographs.
26.Negatives in the negative carrier face this way.
29.Stops the developing process.
30.The hidden image on the paper before developing.
2.Wooden part of the enlarger.
3.A place in the enlarger to put the negatives.
4.Small piece of paper used to work out time.
5.Can happen when the developer is old.
6.Necessary for correct times when processing.
7.Not dull.
8.The light sensitive chemical on negatives and paper.
14.Liquids used in the photographic process.
15.What people do for the camera.
16.When light effects the paper before it is used.
18.Block the light from entering the darkroom.
19.Graded from 00 to 5.
22.The darkest tone on a photograph.
24.Stops the air being fouled.
27.The light in the classroom.
28.A tray with chemicals in it.

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