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Comet Crossword

Ben Hussing

Information about comets and how they compare to earth

1   2     3    
4       5 6    
9   10           11        
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      15         16
  19 20   21      
22                     23      

1.One part of the tail made of dust.
4.Where they are found.
7.Another thing a comet is made of.
8.Found on rings and in meteorites that came from comets.
9.Solid on earth and in space found in comas and tails.
11.Takes hundred of yers to...
13.The tail is made of...
15.Chemical found in comet tails also called salt.
17.The shape of a comets orbit.
21.Made of carbon dioxide.
22.C02 found in comet comas and tails.
24.What the nucleus is made of.
25.A gas on earth that is found in comet comas.
2.Cemical found in comet comas and tails.
3.Cemical found in comet comas.
5.The only planet with life that we know of.
6.The layer of earth we are on.
10.This is what keeps oxygen on earth.
12.Dirty snowball in space.
14.Comets orbit around the...
16.This is whats in the center of the earth.
18.One of the 3 things a comet is made of.
19.Another part of the tail made of gas particles.
20.How large its orbit is.
23.One other thing a comet is made of.

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