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Observing the sky-

Mrs. Weimer

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1.the assistant of tycho brahe, who continued brahe's work
6.a telescope that uses curved mirrors to gather and focus light
7.a section of the sky that contains a recognizable star pattern
11.the angle between an object in the sky and the horizon
12.another ancient site that is probably used to make observations of the sky, located near Salisbury, England
13.a measure of how far north or south an object is from the celestial equator
17.wrote a book that combined all the ancient knowledge of astronomy he could find
18.discovered Uranus in 1781
20.the study of all physical objects beyond earth
22.person who created the julian calendar
24.an instrument that collects electromagnetic radiation from the sky and concentrates it for better observation
25.first scientist to explain why celestial objects move as they do
26.this ancient civilization was the heart of the major empire located in present day Iraq
27.this theory states that the sun is the center of the universe
28.the first scientist to successfully use a telescope to observe the night sky
2.a grouping of stones near this place is the earliest recording of astronomical observations
3.all the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation
4.a danish astronomer who used several tools to observe the sky
5.a telescope that uses a set of lenses to gather and focus light
6.a measure of how far east an object is from the point at which the sun appears on the first day of spring
8.this scientist successfully explained the phases of the moon and the eclipses
9.roughly the amount of time required for the moon to orbit the Earth once
10.a unit of length equal to the distance that light travels through space in 1 year
13.the time required for the Earth to rotate once on it's axis
14.the time required for the Earth to orbit the sun once
15.a system for organizing time
16.our modern calendar was developed from this
19.this theory stated that the Earth is the center of the universe
21.the apparent path the sun takes across the celestial sphere each year
23.a year in which an extra day is added to the calendar

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